Ready to move without pain?

Are you stiff and sore from hours at the computer? Or have you picked up an injury at the soccer game on the weekend?

Our skilled team of physiotherapists will undertake a detailed evaluation of your pain or injury, and design a treatment plan based on your personal goals. We'll work with you to ensure you regain your range of movement as quickly as possible.

We'll also consider your unique situation, providing you with the additional support you may need, such as exercise advice or Pilates classes to regain your strength.

See below for further information on our range of physiotherapy services available, plus exercise support options available to you beyond your one-to-one physiotherapy sessions.

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Physiotherapy services for all types of pain and injury

The support available includes:

  • Manual therapy for headaches, back, neck, arm, leg, and foot pain.
  • Pre and post-operative care.
  • Sports injury rehabilitation.
  • Workers' compensation and motor vehicle accident injuries.
  • Exercise rehabilitation including Clinical Pilates.
  • Real-time ultrasound imaging for retraining core stability or treating urinary incontinence.
  • Trigger point dry needling using an acupuncture needle.
  • Exercise prescriptions for home and gym.
  • Taping and bracing.
  • Hydrotherapy (pool) classes.
  • Electrotherapy treatments.
  • Dietary supplements.


A holistic approach

During the initial consultation, your physiotherapist will consider your history to understand the interactions any new pains or injuries may be having with existing issues. We are committed to ensuring your receive a long-term solution, not a temporary fix, which doesn't last.

Your treatment plan will usually include soft-tissue and muscle release (via location-specific massage), joint mobilisation and, if required, manipulation. You are consulted at all times during the treatments to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed.

The philosophy guiding our techniques is grounded in Maitland/Mulligan Physiotherapy with influences from osteopathy-based manual therapy, for example, Muscle Energy Technique. If you'd like to understand more about how this benefits your recovery, please have a chat with us at your appointment.



Beyond your physiotherapy appointments

Depending on your personal situation, your physiotherapist may recommend you undertake additional exercise to enhance your strength and improve your recovery time. Some of these options include:

  1. Core or stabilising muscle retraining and postural retraining.
  2. Ultrasound visualisation of pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles to ensure correct activation and improvement (e.g. lower back rehabilitation, urinary incontinence rehabilitation).
  3. Clinical Pilates sessions with your instructor, either one-to-one or in small groups of four or less. Find out about our Clinical Pilates sessions.
  4. Exercises to complete at your home or in the gym - reviewed and progressed during your sessions at the clinic.
  5. Review of your exercises in a gym with your personal trainer should your existing program require modification.
  6. Hydrotherapy classes at a local pool, with your physiotherapist.

To find out more about these options, please ask for more information during your first appointment.

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