Are you wanting to recover from injury or build strength?

Our Pilates-informed physiotherapy sessions differ from general Pilates classes you might have seen at your local gym. The sessions are guided by a skilled physiotherapist, who also has Pilates training and are personalised to you. During your sessions, we'll focus on the key causes of your musculoskeletal pain or injury.

Your physiotherapist will guide you through carefully selected exercises to bring about rehabilitation and minimise the likelihood of the issue flaring up again in the future.

You'll begin with a one-to-one assessment and then may progress to small group sessions, depending on your personal goals.

These options are explained below.

Why does this approach work?

There's strong evidence to support the use of Pilates-informed exercises in the management of musculoskeletal injuries, particularly lower back pain.

By attending Pilates-informed physiotherapy sessions, you can improve your core strength, reduce pain and build lean muscles.

The sessions held at our Maylands clinic are guided by our skilled physiotherapists, Karen Mills and Emma Anderson who are also trained in Pilates.

If you're seeking an improvement in your core stability, posture, strength or flexibility, this approach may help. During your sessions, you'll begin to retrain your deep stabilising muscles which control these aspects of your body, improving how you move.

The unique exercises can also help to improve your balance and breathing.

At Maylands Physiotherapy, this type of movement session is often used in conjunction with one-to-one physiotherapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries, particularly those of the neck and back.

See more information below on our one-to-one and small group sessions.

Ultrasound imaging screening included

Prior to commencing your Pilates-informed physiotherapy session, you'll receive a complimentary screening using a real-time ultrasound imaging machine. By using this technology, we can more accurately assess your mobility, and tailor the exercises to your unique situation.

This is included in your initial one-to-one assessment, please see full details below.

pilates-reformerPilates-Informed Physiotherapy Sessions

One-to-one sessions are ideal for those who are seeking personalised care or are seeking to recover more quickly from an injury, strength or mobility issue.

These combined physiotherapy and Pilates sessions are delivered by a skilled physiotherapist, therefore they are usually covered by your healthcare provider.

This applies whether you are recovering from an injury or simply wishing to improve your core strength and stability.

If you're not sure if a one-to-one session is best for you, please get in contact via phone or email.

We'll arrange for you to have an initial assessment with one of our experienced physiotherapists.

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pilates-reformer-groupGroup Sessions (3-4 people)

Once your physiotherapist gives you the green light, you can join our small group sessions (3-4 people per session).

You'll receive careful instruction and individual attention throughout the course of your treatment.

Once your mobility and strength are at an appropriate level, your sessions may include the use of a Pilates Reformer (a sliding bed uniquely designed for Pilates).

Each session, you'll complete a series of rehabilitation exercises, guided by one of our skilled team, who are qualified Pilates instructors and physiotherapists.

To attend these sessions, please book in for an initial assessment.

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